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5 Minute Vegan Turmeric Ice Cream (Sugar Free!)

One thing you should always, always have in your freezer is bananas. Because with this fruit-bowl staple, you can make the creamiest, sweetest, most decadent vegan ice-cream in under five minutes. Perfect for when you fancy a sweet treat without the guilt. This recipe has no added sugar, but you’d never tell from the taste of it, so it’s great for kids too!

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Quick Mediterranean Frittata

It’s a busy weeknight and you haven’t gotten to the grocery store all week. Sound familiar?! We’ve all been there! While the easiest thing may be to call for takeout, it certainly isn’t the healthiest choice. Enter the frittata – the busy parent’s answer to a fast meal that’s actually good for you too. Frittatas are quick, healthy, affordable, and use up ingredients you already have on hand! Sound too good to be true? It’s not, we promise!

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