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Pursuit of Wellness

Wellness, the state of good health, is often a journey or lifelong pursuit. When we are young, and if in good health, we tend to take it for granted, often assuming it is how we will always be. As we age and become wiser, often through life experience personally or with our family and friends, we realize how precious fulfilled wellness truly is.

It can be overwhelming to look at your lifestyle and habits to determine what areas you can improve to ultimately impact your wellness. Also, change can be very hard in some areas. But making effort to move towards wellness is always worth it.

When starting out or looking to improve in your lifestyle choices, look for areas or items that are affordable and easy to change for a healthier option. This way you can make some headway in your pursuit of wellness without it being so difficult to maintain that you give up trying altogether.

For some ideas for affordable products to swap out around the home, check out my 7 Simple Ways to Reduce Chemicals In Your Home.

Wellness Is A Journey

Look at living a more natural lifestyle that leads to wellness as an adventure or a journey, not just a destination. There will be different goals and success points in your wellness process, that should be recognized and even celebrated.

For some, wellness goals might be to lose a certain amount of weight to alleviate the physical strain on joints and organs, to make it easier to get around or prevent such things as knee replacement surgery or a heart attack.

Others might be looking to alleviate a specific symptom, or reduce pain and inflammation or prevent issues such as migraines. Often a wellness goal is looking to “feel” healthier or have more energy to keep up with the demands of life.

In the situation with children and wellness, our goal is usually to help them be as healthy as possible so that they can be successful in all that they do in life. As parents, grandparents or caregivers we should focus on our own wellness so we are able to do things with the children in our lives and to be able to support them as long as we can.

There are many different wellness goals and reasons to motivate us to take step after step in improving our wellness over the course of our lifetime. Wellness is something that you pursue and make intentional with the choices you make. You do this by educating yourself, weighing the pros and cons, then when it makes sense you begin using or avoiding different items to help you achieve your goals.

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Wellness is Worth the Pursuit

We are all going to spend money and time regarding our health and wellness. The question is are you going to spend your resources on preventative measures or reacting when something negative occurs to your health?

Unfortunately, our bodies were not designed to thrive in an environment with so much exposure to toxic chemicals and other factors, such as electromagnetic radiation from all our technology. Although this negative exposure we experience cannot be completely avoided, it can be minimized.

While there are not guarantees in life and in regards to our wellness, addressing current strain and stress on our bodies and helping them heal helps to prepare us for anything we might experience in the future. If we do become sick or have a significant health concern, strengthening our bodies ahead of time to be able to fight and survive puts us in the best condition to start from.

Creating our home environment to have the least toxic load possible allows us to have that safe haven that we long for. A place to be ourselves, truly relax, rest and recuperate before going out into the world again for work or pleasure. Help your home to be a safe place that supports healing and wellness for you, your family and friends.

Realistic Expectations Lead to Success

You cannot expect to immediately change everything you are currently doing, using or eating to achieve complete wellness. For one it would be EXPENSIVE! Unfortunately, there are some cost considerations to making healthier choices in what you consume and do in your daily life.

And second, it would most likely be unattainable to keep up. You would long for the products you used previously, because there was a reason you bought them in the first place. You would have cravings for food and drinks you use to consume or health and personal care products you were accustom to using previously. These wellness changes should be done in baby steps that are adapted into your lifestyle and become part of your normal habits.

One Step At A Time

It is helpful to recognized that everyone’s path to wellness, and even definition of fulfilled wellness, is different. We all need to make choices that work for us, our family, our pace of life and our budget.

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Be Creative in Your Wellness Solutions

When looking to make changes towards wellness in a specific area look for any alternatives or compromises that you can make to be successful. For example, I would love to only eat grass-fed organic beef. However, that can be too expensive for my family’s grocery budget, so I found a local farmer who raises cattle that is grass fed and who does not use hormones and antibiotics. It is not certified organic, but I am happy with the practices that this farm uses with their cattle, that it is from a local farm that uses a local butcher and that I get my meat fresh.

My family purchases a quarter of the cow in various cuts. This is a huge upfront cost that we incur once a year, but the beef will last us throughout the year. We build this into our yearly budget so we are able to make the purchase when the time comes. The overall cost is comparable to what I would be able to get for those same cuts of meat in the grocery store.  Also, if you decide to order beef from a farm see if the butcher dry ages the beef, this takes more time and effort but makes a noticeable difference. Oh, did I mention that it is the best beef I have ever had?

This is only one example of wanting to make an improvement in an area towards wellness but needing to figure out the best way to achieve the goal with the financial resources available. Ask around and talk to people to find out where the products they are selling come from, what practices or standards they have and how it might work for you.

Determine What Areas of Wellness Are A Priority To You

Maybe beef isn’t your thing or an area of concern, so finding a local farmer to purchase from directly would not be worth the effort for you. Maybe, cutting out toxic chemicals from your home by switching to no or low toxic cleaning products is where you prefer to invest your money and time, or where your wellness journey starts or grows.

Or is it focusing on your diet either from reducing chemicals ingested by eating mostly or only organic or having a healthier diet plan to support your bodies ability to heal naturally through food? Maybe it is having clean, quality water so you invest in a home water purification system or a drinking water filter?

Do you start switching over to essential oils to naturally support your body to avoid synthetic chemicals in traditional over the counter medicine? Do you start using natural versions of the beauty products you use today?

You might want to make a few easy changes in a few different areas to quickly feel like you are making intentional strides in your wellness efforts before really spending time and money in one particular area.

If you are not ready to increase the amount of what you currently spend on cleaning or skincare products that are natural are you willing to make your own that often cost less? Or do you not have the time or interest to make your own products and would rather spend the money for the natural products that are already on the market today?

By taking the time to think through what areas in your life that you want to make improvements for your wellness you will be able to prioritize your time, resources and finances to make sustainable changes especially in the areas that are a priority for you.

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The pursuit of wellness is an ongoing endeavor. As we learn more about the world we live in today and the positive and negative impacts to our bodies, overall health and wellness we can find opportunities to make better choices.

Wether you live life on your own and are responsible for yourself or have a family, wellness impacts your quality of life and even the length of it. Any step in making choices to improve your wellness is well worth the effort. Changes here and there, over time, will accumulate into a larger wellness impact.

Disclaimer: For informational and educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have a health concern, a medical condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are taking any medication please consult your healthcare provider.