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Five $100 Bills


Are there times in your life when you wonder how to get free money??? I mean, is there even such a thing as free money?

There are times in my life when I really wanted something that was outside the normal family budget. I usually research the item to death to make sure that when I might have the opportunity to obtain it there is no doubt it is the best fit for me and worth the money so I don’t have buyers remorse.

Or having a little extra money around the holidays is always nice too. There always seems to be one more person in our life that we want to show that we love them and appreciate all that they do for us during the year.

Or with some of those unexpected expenses around the house or with the car that seem to pop up at the worst times. It has been an interesting year for us with these types of things, seems like every time we turn around we are getting hit with another unexpected expense.

When being a one income family (well, even on two incomes sometimes), there are often wants and even needs that get put on the back burner for the sake of the financial wellness of the family. Sometimes, it is nice to get a little something that can go towards these things.

How to Get Free Money

One of the easiest ways I am finding to get free money these days is through credit card incentive offers that I can easily find at I can’t believe how much money some of these credit card companies give away if you sign up for one of their credit cards and meet the teaser obligation (usually to spend a certain amount within a few months so you start actually using their card).

I thought I was hitting my own little wellness funding jackpot earlier in the year when I signed up for a Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card and ended up getting $150, you can read more about that at How I Got All of This for Free!!!

It was a great way to buy some of the wellness products that I was interested in for my family without impacting our monthly budget. I still use these items often and have been happy that I got them this way.

Then I found out about and as I went through the list I found a CapitalOne Savor credit card that I could earn $500 from signing up! $500, I still cannot believe that is something they will hand over for just signing up for a credit card. The requirement for the amount needed to spend in 3 months is quite a bit higher than some of the other credit card offers but with some of our bills that I put on credit cards to earn the cash back reward points it was not that much of a stretch.

Free Money Now

There are a number of credit cards and companies that provide the option to earn free money by the way of cash back. One example that I love is Ebates where you earn free money on the purchases you are already making online (if you are a new Ebates customer, you can sign up at this link and get $10 when you spend $25 at one of their many partner retailers such as Amazon).

Or another example is Plant Therapy, if you sign up for their rewards program you earn 10 points on every $1 spent (plus many other ways to earn points such as writing a review on one of their products). These points can be redeemed as cash on purchases from Plant Therapy. (Or, if you are a new customer, by using this link you can get $10 towards your first purchase of $25 or more).

But these options, as great as they are, can take some time to collect before receiving or are issued on a specific timeline. When I am looking for immediate free money, I find that these credit card sign up incentives from are the easiest and best way to get a significant amount of free money now. You can either wait until you receive the free money in the form of rewards points or charge what you will be earning.

Other Credit Card Perks Besides the Initial Free Money

Many credit cards offer some sort of cash back or rewards points system based on what you are purchasing. If I am going to spend money anyways I love to find ways to make money on it, even if it is not a ton at a time (this is why I love stacking the cash back programs at places like Ebates and my credit card rewards points since you can earn at both places on the same purchase…helps the earnings add up quicker).

By signing up for these credit cards it gives me a chance to try out their cash back or rewards program to see how it best fits my family’s spending to determine where I earn the most. Or which program is too complicated for me to use to effectively.

Another perk that I was not expecting is free gifts. I actually received a very nice cookbook by Gaby Dalkin, called What’s Gaby Cooking from my new CapitalOne Savor credit card.

What's Gaby Cooking book

Final Thoughts on How to Get Free Money Now

While signing up for credit cards to earn their sign up incentive free money bonus can work well for many of us, there are a number who cannot handle using credit wisely. Please know your own strengths and weaknesses in this area to decide if this is a wise decision for you.

If you can appropriately handle credit card debt, then this might be a great way to quickly get free money now. It can help with unexpected expenses that might pop up that you do not have the money available in an emergency fund (such as car and appliance repairs or an unexpected medical bill).

Or maybe like me it is a little way to spend money guilt free on some of the items you are interested in trying (like these 100% ceramic cooking pans/pots that I have been eyeing up from Xtrema) but do not want to sacrifice the money that is being spent on the family’s needs and wants. Also, with Christmas coming up it is nice to have a little extra money around.

As great as it is to be able to get free money from these credit cards, it is not something you will be able to do every month (although I wish it was, haha!) There will be a limit to how many credit cards you will be able to sign up for. Also, managing a ton of credit cards can become tricky to ensure you do not miss a payment and get hit with late payment fees.

This is the second time I have done this during this past year (for a total of $650! Yay!) but I do not intend to do again for awhile. Maybe I will look at the options that are easy to compare on sometime in the next 6 months to a year. I want to see how I do with using the cash back rewards programs with these credit cards to see what is the best option with my spending habits and if I ultimately will keep them both or end up closing one of my credit card accounts.

Check out to see if there are any credit card offers that might work for you if you are interested in getting some free money now 🙂

How about you, have you signed up for a credit card to get their sign up free money incentive? How did it work out for you?

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