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I feel like I always have a million new products I want to try to improve my overall wellness OR to remove chemicals that my family and I are exposed to in our normal routines. But there is this little thing called a family budget that I try to adhere to for the sake of my marriage and our overall financial wellness.

And I will say that I am a huge believer in financial wellness and living as debt free as possible. The amount of stress that financial burdens can be and the overall toll on our body and relationships is incredible. That is why we see sad statistics about how money issues are the leading reason why couples get divorced.

This means, that going into debt or over extending yourself financially to purchase health and wellness products probably cancels out most of the benefit you are trying to achieve. Maybe not completely cancels it out, but you get the idea.

This leads me to get creative with how I “fund” my wellness endeavors or by making new products with ingredients I already have on hand, for example my Lavender Whipped Coconut and Shea Body Butter. This is one of those great kinds of finds that helps me get the wellness items I am looking at and keeps everyone happy, specifically the hubby and the budget.

The Wellness Goods

Here is what I got for FREE:

Plant Therapy

There were a number of essential oils, essential oil blends and a diffuser I had been looking into at Plant Therapy and figured now was my chance to get it all. Also, I happened to get a 10% discount code from Plant Therapy in my email, so it was perfect timing.

Listed below was the price I paid for the item with my discount applied, I have noticed some of the regular prices have since increased, specifically on the diffuser set.

Anti Age Synergy Blend 5 ml $17.95
Sensual Synergy Blend 10 ml $8.05
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10 ml $6.25
Diffuser Set (Diffuser, Lemon Essential Oil 10 ml, Lavender Essential Oil 10 ml, Peppermint Essential Oil 10 ml) $49.45


If you are a new customer and sign up at this Plant Therapy link you can get $10 towards your first purchase of $25 or more! This could be a free essential oil since there are many essential oil options under $10 or significant savings towards a diffuser or essential oil set.


I have been wanting a glass food storage set for awhile as I try to store our food in as little plastic as possible, but did not have the time to really research my options. I did buy a few pieces of glass food storage containers from a local store, but totally regretted the decision and ended up returning because the lids would not shut correctly and the seal came off after washing them 1 time and there was no way to fix it.

But then came along a lightening deal on Amazon that tempted me to try again, and I am so glad that I did! I got a 13 piece glass food storage set from Prep Natural that I love using. I also ordered some PUR chewing gum that I love because it is aspartame free.

Prep Natural 13 Piece Glass Storage Set$37.18
PUR Aspartame Free Gum$4.09

Edens Garden

We are planning to do a huge road trip in a few months. I am excited for a big family trip and vacation, but the thought of being in a vehicle for around 42 hours driving time over the span of 10 days is making me a little anxious. Honestly, VERY anxious. So I figured for the sake of my nerves before and during the trip I should get a stress relieving essential oil blend, that is created with little ones in mind. I found this great one at Eden’s Garden called Calm ‘Em Down that I cannot wait to try!

Calm 'Em Down Synergy Blend 5ml$7.95


I love cleaning with microfiber products, which I share about at these posts Can You Really Clean With Just Water? and e-cloth vs. Norwex Microfiber.

It is always great to have some extra microfiber cloths to phase out my current cloths when I need to, although it might be a few more years. Or to have some on hand to give away. When e-cloth has their 2 for 1 deal on the General Purpose cleaning cloth or the Glass & Polishing window cloth it is kind of a no brainer for me to order some. I think it is amazing to get one of these great performing cloths for only $4 each!!!

e-cloth General Purpose Cloths 2 for 1$7.99
e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth 2 for 1$7.99

How I got it all for FREE

The Grand Total for all my freebies was $151.80. I was able to cash in a credit card introductory sign-up promotion and less than 2 reward points to completely cover the cost of all of these items. Yay for free stuff!

Credit Card Introductory Sign-Up Promotions and Rewards

This comes with a HUGE caveat…this is ONLY if you are able to responsibly handle purchases with credit and paying back in full the next month to avoid paying any interest. PLEASE know yourself and be honest about your strengths and weaknesses.

I believe in living as debt-free as possible and living within your means. It is very easy to live paycheck to paycheck, even if that paycheck is a good one. The amount of stress that can come from debt is not worth the toll it takes on the body, mind and your relationships, even if this debt came from good purchases towards advancing your wellness.

Also, it should be noted that some financial gurus advise not even owning a credit card due to how easy it is to spend money you do not have and rack up huge amounts of credit card debt. However, if you are able to use credit wisely, then these types of offers could be some options for you to help finance your wellness purchases.

Sign-Up Promotions

There are many credit card companies that now offer substantial credit card promotions when you sign up for a new credit card. Often, it can be as much as $100-150. Usually there is a requirement that you charge a certain amount on the credit card within a specific time frame, such as $500 in 3 months. I find charging certain expenses that we already incur, such as gas, grocery shopping, utilities and baby needs like diapers, makes hitting this requirement very easy.

This is a great way to essentially get an essential oil starter kit for FREE or almost free depending on what you are looking at! Or a larger item like air purifier or healthier food options to try or a ton of smaller wellness items. There are multiple times over the years where I wish I had known about this option.

Also, you can do it with various credit card companies, depending on your credit rating and I am sure other factors such as debt to income ratio. I wouldn’t recommend going crazy with this option, but signing up every once in a while can help with getting some of your wellness wish list items.

I signed up for the Chase Freedom Unlimited card, but there are many other options as well. You can see details of many of the best cash back credit cards on this page.

Credit Card Rewards

Another way to use credit cards to finance wellness is through their rewards program. Many will offer 1-1.5% cash back on purchases made, some will increase that percentage based on the category of the purchase made. For many credit card rewards programs you can redeem the points you earn at any point to receive a credit towards your credit card balance, just be sure to check the terms before signing up to determine what is best for you.

I often will allow the points to accumulate throughout the year on our regular expenses and redeem them when specific wellness purchases are made that do not fit in our budget. This allows me to buy some of the items I would not normally purchase and feels great to know I am getting them for free (or at a discounted price if I don’t have the full amount needed in rewards points to cover the purchase).

Again, use credit cards only if you can handle the revolving line of credit responsibly.

Credit Cards

Things to Consider When Signing Up For A New Credit Card

  • I find that credit card companies are very generous with the line of credit that they will extend on a credit card. Consider calling in after receiving the card to reduce the line of credit that is available.
  • Do not open a new credit card before making large purchases like car or house if you will be financing, the new credit card could potentially impact your credit rating and debt to income ratio that is used in making decisions for your loan or mortgage.

How This Worked For Me

I signed up for a new Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card with an introductory sign-up promotion for $150 when you charge $500 in the first 3 months. Well, I was able to hit that requirement in the first month, I am not saying that is a good thing. I just switched over the auto payment for my children’s health insurance to this credit card and that alone almost hit the $500 requirement, sigh. I had a few purchases on Amazon and at stores that put my first month’s bill at $530.29.

I received 15,000 points for the new cardmember bonus on the first statement. Plus 796 points for the 1.5% per $1 spent on purchases (the $530.29 charged my first month) with the credit card rewards. This is a total of 15,796 credit card points which translates into $157.96. $150 is from the new cardmember bonus and $7.96 is from the rewards. Not too shabby, considering these were purchases and expenses I would have regardless of using a credit card, debit card or checking account.

I easily logged into my account and redeemed my points for cash back for $151.80 to cover all my fantastic wellness finds and deals. I was able to choose applying the $151.80 to either my credit card statement or directly deposited in my checking account that is linked to my credit card. I am leaving the rest of my reward points in my account to “save up” for the next item or product that I want towards my or my family’s wellness that does not fit in our regular budget.

It is super easy to do this and now I have a new Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card where I earn more points on my normal purchases than what I was using previously.


Sometimes to meet our wellness goals and desires we need to get creative in how we fund our wellness endeavors. Using a credit card promotion is an easy, quick way to earn a descent chunk of money to put towards something you want, as long as you are able to be responsible with the credit.

I love finding creative ways to get what I want!!!

How about you, do you like getting “free” money or things with little effort? Any ideas I should be looking into trying?

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