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ecloth vs Norwex Microfiber

Some of you may have already read my story about how I began using and LOVING cleaning with high quality microfiber at my post here on Can You Really Clean With Just Water? This post is dedicated to looking into some of the options regarding high quality microfiber, specifically e-cloth vs Norwex.

I started with the Norwex brand of microfiber but have also been adding in e-cloth products into my cleaning arsenal. I like and use both companies products, but find that there are pros and cons to each. I want to share my experiences to help others who are interested in trying find the best option for them.

Why Consider Using High Quality Microfiber Cleaning Products?

Both e-cloth and Norwex note the fact that only a fraction of the chemicals used in traditional cleaning products have been tested, we really do not know what we are exposing ourselves and our families to on a regular basis. The Environmental Working Group states:

Government agencies and independent research institutions have not adequately evaluated the safety of numerous substances found in cleaning products. Although government scientific and regulatory agencies have focused considerable attention on chemicals suspected of causing cancer, they have devoted far fewer resources to evaluating substances that may be toxic to the brain and nervous system, the hormone system and other organs. Investigating the full range of risks of cleaning products to public health and the environment should be an urgent priority. Yet the problem remains largely hidden from the view of the American consumer.

Exposures to irritating or allergenic cleaning ingredients can affect people who live, work or study in buildings undergoing cleaning. Volatile fumes released during ordinary cleaning can contaminate the air for up to 20 minutes after use (Bello 2010).

Who Makes High Quality Microfiber Cleaning Products?

e-cloth — perfect cleaning with just water

e-cloth started in 1995 in Europe and came to the USA in 2008. Their focus is on chemical free cleaning, believing that chemicals used to kill bacteria on surfaces can be just as harmful as the bacteria. e-cloth’s mission statement is:

Our aim is to supply the most effective, healthiest and most environmentally friendly cleaning products available at a good value to the consumer.

Our single minded focus on high performance cleaning has created a range of products that clean entirely without chemicals, using just water.

In additional to exceptional cleaning, e-cloth products provide significant cost and time savings and real health and environmental benefits versus ordinary cleaning.

e-cloth operates as a traditional retail sales business, with both online and in retail stores across the country. Many appliance brands recommend that their appliances be cleaned with e-cloth to prevent damage from harsh chemicals to their surfaces.

Here is a short video from e-cloth that gives a good overview to their all purpose cleaning cloth and how the microfiber works.

Norwex — Improving Quality Of Life

Norwex was started in 1994 in Norway as Eidsvoll Miljøprodukter that eventually opened a daughter company called Norwex Enviro Products, in 1999. The Norwex mission statement is:

Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes

Norwex also has a Product Promise:

  • Effective Solutions for Healthy Homes
  • Safe Solutions for Healthy Families
  • Sustainable Solutions for a Healthy World

Norwex operates as a direct sales company, which means they rely on a network of consultants who promote and sell their products. The consultants would also offer a level of customer service to the customers who bought Norwex products from them. Norwex products are not offered in traditional retail stores so to purchase their product you would need to go through a consultant.

If interested in purchasing a Norwex product go through my amazing consultant, my Sister-In-Law Kate and add it to the ongoing Norwex “Fulfilled Wellness” party. I was interested in becoming a consultant but due to life responsibilities that prevented me from joining I had to encourage someone in the family to sign-up to keep us all in the Norwex loop!

Here is a video from Norwex that explains about their EnviroCloth. It is a little long, about 4:30 minutes, but is a great overview to their product if you are interested in learning more.

Comparison Chart on e-cloth all purpose cleaning cloth vs. Norwex EnviroCloth

Now that you know a little about each company I thought it would be good to put information regarding the top cleaning cloth for each company in an easy to read comparison chart.

 e-cloth General Purpose Cleaning ClothNorwex EnviroCloth
Cost* $7.99$17.99
Fabric type80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide
Fiber size1/200th of Human Hair1/200th of Human Hair
Cloth size12.5" x 12.5"13.78" x 13.78"
Manufactured inSouth KoreaChina
Antimicrobial Technology within the clothNoYes, melted silver infused in fabric threads
Shipping RatesFree, within the US except for Hawaii and Alaska$6.95-48.75 depending on the order amount in the US
Guarantee100% Satisfaction Guarantee, exchange or refund100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Replace, refund or exchange within 60 days of purchase.
Warranty300 Machine Wash Guarantee2 year, with normal wear and tear or 500 washings

*at the time of writing this article Feb 2017 with no specials

Does It Really Work?

Seeing is believing right? There are many demonstrations of these products available online, here are two that I thought would be helpful. Unfortunately, I could not find anything that directly compared the e-cloth and Norwex cloths, so at some point you might see one from me!

Microfiber vs. E. coli

Here is a video from a News program testing the cleaning capabilities of the Norwex EnviroCloth compared to an all purpose cleaner and generic microfiber to remove E. coli from a surface. At the time this post was published the Norwex Basic Package was $34.99.

Microfiber vs. Raw Chicken

Here is a quick video on the raw chicken demonstration that is used to show how quickly and easily these types of cloths can pick up and trap the raw chicken protein. This specific video is for Norwex, however there are videos available for e-cloth as well.

You can get much more involved in this demonstration by comparing to other cleaning options or by wiping a “dirty” chicken cloth on a clean surface to show that it does not cross contaminate. Since there are a number of videos in this post already, I went with the shorter demonstration.

This graph showing the size of protein particles compared to bacteria and some viruses. The ability of the high quality microfiber to easily clean up the tiny protein particles gives confidence that larger particles such as bacteria and viruses are also easily being wiped away.

Which is Better e-cloth or Norwex?

Both of these companies produce high quality microfiber with slight differences in the material used and the way it woven. Both companies create products that work to effectively clean your home.

If cost is not an issue for your budget or you think you will be switching to cleaning with microfiber in your regular cleaning process, then go for the Norwex EnviroCloth. The BacLock technology, where silver is imbedded within the fibers of the cloth, is a great feature to have. This silver is an antibacterial agent that kills off bacteria, mold and mildew within the cloth as it hangs to dry. This prevents any type of smelly cloth issues that is often experienced with cloths, towels and sponges. Please note, not all Norwex products contain the BacLock technology.

If you are interested in trying a high quality microfiber product but are not sure how much you will use it or do not want to invest too much money initially, then try the e-cloth all purpose cloth. Or if you are trying to find an alternative to Norwex products because of the budget, go with the e-cloth. I tend to wash my e-cloth products and my Norwex products without BacLock more frequently than my Norwex products with BacLock.


Cleaning with only water, without any type of cleaner, is not something most of us have been taught as we have grown up in the world we live in today. Thankfully there are companies who are pioneering a new and better way to clean without using traditional chemical cleaning products. Not only is using high quality microfiber a safer alternative, it is also quicker and saves money!

If interested in checking out e-cloth products click this link. And to go to my Norwex consultant’s page for the Fulfilled Wellness online party click here.

Have you used microfiber for your cleaning needs? How did it work? And was it from one of these companies?

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