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Pile of Gifts

I love finding great gifts for my friends and loved ones during the many different holidays or celebrations during the year: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding showers, housewarming, baby showers and of course birthdays. There is so much goodness in our lives that deserves our celebration and often we do this with food and an outward expression of our love through gifts.

But, sometimes it can be difficult to find a gift that fits that person and that is why I love checking out different types of gift idea lists. Even if I don’t end up giving the exact gift on the list it is helpful in my brainstorming efforts.

Here is a wellness gift ideas list for that health conscious person in your life (or the one who should be, haha). I am sure one of my favorite wellness items, or those on my own gift wish list, will help you find the perfect gift!

1. Essential Oils

Essential oils are an area that many people are turning to improve their health and wellness physically, emotionally and mentally. They are a great way to move away from some synthetic medicines and turn to nature for healing. They are also a great way to remove synthetic chemicals from your environment and use natural alternatives.

Buying an essential oil set is a great way to give someone the opportunity to have access to multiple essential oils for different reasons that pop up. It stinks when there is a need and you want to try and use an essential oil to assist but have to wait for it to come in the mail after ordering it.

Here are some great sets from Plant Therapy to start with or you can just pick out individual essential oils to order. I love that Plant Therapy works to provide quality essential oil products that are actually affordable.

Essential Oil Gift Set

  • Includes 10 ml bottles of Lavender, Eucalyptus Globulus, Cinnamon Cassia, Peppermint, Rosemary & Lemon

Breathe Easy Essential Oil Gift Set

  • Includes 10 ml bottles of Lemongrass, Lavender, Eucalyptus Globulus, Sweet Orange, Peppermint & Tea Tree

7 & 7 Essential Oil Gift Set (Plant Therapy’s collection of their most popular essential oils and is their best selling gift set)

  • Includes 10 ml bottles of essential oil singles Lemon, Lavender, Eucalyptus Globulus, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree & Cinnamon Cassia
  • Includes 10 ml bottles of essential oil synergies (blends) Germ Fighter, Immune-Aid, Tranquil, Invigor Aid, Sensual, Relax & Energy

Plant Therapy also has larger essential oil sets if you want to have a well rounded collection of essential oils to pick from. Also, they have many seasonal and holiday essential oil blends and products, click here to see what they are currently featuring.

If there are little ones in the house, ages 2-10, consider trying one of the KidSafe essential oil sets that has been specifically developed to be safe for children (but work great for adults too).

If you are new to Plant Therapy, click this link to get $10 off of your first purchase of $25 or more.

2. Essential Oil Related Products

Other great gift options if shopping for a person who is already an essential oil user that might not need additional essential oils would be some related products. Theses items can be used with the essential oils they already have.

3. Natural and Chemical Free Cosmetics

I searched high and low for a make-up brand that is natural, works great, is non-toxic, actually good for my skin AND is somewhat affordable (have you seen what some of these health conscious companies charge for their cosmetics?! Yikes!). The winner is MINERAL FUSION.

I have been converting all of my make-up over to the Mineral Fusion brand, especially their products that have been EWG verified (one of the strictest standards in the industry regarding no harmful chemicals). Not only do I love that these are great products for me and the environment, I love how they feel and look.

Mineral Fusion not only makes great makeup such as foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, they also have a whole line of skin, body and nail care. This is the only makeup brand I will buy now and I am so glad I found it so some day way in the future I know what to get for my daughter when she starts to wear makeup.

4. Makeup Accessories

Another great gift is new makeup brushes. It is nice to be able to replace makeup brushes periodically and getting a set of brushes for different makeup applications is always helpful and fun to use.

5. Smartwatch

A Smartwatch is always a fantastic gift, especially when fitness and wellness are part of the package.

Oh my, am I in love with my Fitbit Versa Smartwatch and fitbit app. This watch and app are A-MAZING! Not only is it great for keeping tabs on my over all wellness such as:

  • steps and miles walked
  • weight tracking
  • sleep monitoring
  • activity levels throughout the day
  • reminders to keep moving during the day if I am sitting too long
  • beats per minute with my heart
  • water in take tracking
  • menstrual cycle tracking
  • breathing exercises
  • calories burned
  • stair flights counted
  • specific exercise tracking (running, biking, swimming, treadmill, weights, interval training, workout)
  • coach feature (walks you through different work outs such as 10 minutes abs with a video of how to do the exercises as you are doing the workout)

It is seriously the best assistant or mommy’s little helper on the go for things like:

  • time (kinda a given since it is a watch, but still is helpful)
  • checking the weather
  • quick calendar checks (depending on the clock face you choose)
  • reminder of the date (when not working a desk job everyday these are the little details that I tend to forget)
  • text message checking (syncs with your phone and the message comes through on the watch, can respond via the Fitbit Versa with limited preprogrammed text messages)
  • knowing who is calling without touching the cell phone (especially when driving in the car or cooking when having messy hands — so helpful)
  • multiple alarm setting capability for specific days of the week (not only for waking up in the mornings but great for reminders during the day such as when to get out of the house to get your child to school or the bus and when to get there to pick them up)

The other great things that I love about the FitBit Versa Smartwatch is that it has a long battery life (4 days) and is waterproof!!! As a busy mom, I knew it would be likely that I would jump in a pool, bathe my children or get in the shower without thinking about my watch and ruin it (and since this is by far the most expensive watch I have ever owned the thought of messing it up made it hard to request the initial purchase to begin with).

This was my Mother’s Day gift last year after it recently came out. Like all things technology related the cost has started to come down with time, which is nice.

6. Fitness Tracker

Another option to consider besides the Smartwatch is a Fitness Tracker. These work similar to the smartwatch with the tracking capabilities related to steps counted, heart rate, calories burned, etc. without the added features such as receiving text messaging on the device. This helps to keep the prices lower if all the extra Smartwatch features are not needed. The specific Fitness Tracker features would vary by brand and model.

7. Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker Accessories

If the person you are shopping for already has a Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker, then consider getting them a new band or two so they can freshen up their look or coordinate with their wardrobe. Here are some of the bands I am asking for this Mother’s day:

8. Diet & Hormone Balance Books

In my research of wellness, and specifically hormone balance, I keep seeing over and over again how much our diet impacts our overall health. And how the food we choose to eat can bring healing to our bodies or disease. Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet (SAD) does not do much to improve health and usually diminishes it.

When it comes to managing my own hormone balance and weight I have often used holidays as opportunities to try new products or books that were not necessarily in my family’s monthly budget. OR to restock on some of those staples in my supplement cabinet that help my body to function and feel better.

Here are some of the books that I have received over the years that I still continue to reference.

Trim Healthy Mama

Trim Healthy Mama has by far been the best method or way to eat for my body. Not only did this help me lose the baby weight I put on with having my kids but it also helps me feel healthy and have higher energy levels to keep up with all the day to day challenges with chasing kids around and maintaining a home.

One of the things I love the most about this “diet” is that it is low glycemic, which works towards stabilizing blood sugar levels throughout the day. Having stable blood sugar levels, without the big spikes and crashes, help to regain and maintain hormone balance too.

There are a few books that help to explain the plan. Fair warning, there is a little bit of a learning curve, just stick it out and if you “mess up” don’t worry about it and try again.

I would recommend starting with the Trim Healthy Mama Plan: The Easy-Does-It Approach to Vibrant Health and a Slim Waistline. It is actually the authors second book, to help simplify everything in their initial, robust book called, Trim Healthy Mama.

I would also recommend the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook: Eat Up and Slim Down with More Than 350 Healthy Recipes for many different types of recipes to try on the diet (I use mine so much that it is starting to come apart). And their second cookbook that came out is called Trim Healthy Mama’s Trim Healthy Table: More Than 300 All-New Healthy and Delicious Recipes from Our Homes to Yours (this one is still on my wish list).

The Hormone Reset Diet

The Hormone Reset Diet: Heal Your Metabolism to Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 21 Days is another book I recommend. This book explains a lot of the connection between certain foods and specific hormones.

The 21 day hormone reset (regardless if your goal is weight loss or just hormone support) works to have you eliminate various foods for at least 3 day periods that build on each other. At the end you reintroduce that food back into your diet and observe how it impacts you to determine if it is a food you might want to stay away from in your normal diet or reduce the amount consumed.

If taking on a full 21 day reset is too overwhelming or does not fit in with your current season of life, then you might want to consider restricting all the food that is recommended for a 3 or 4 day period. You lose the ability to isolate and determine what problem areas you might have (food impacts vary person to person since we are all so different). But you are able to give your body a break from the constant stressors it usually faces. Doing a short elimination diet for a few days alone was instrumental in allowing my body to clear out the toxins it was holding onto and I saw immediate improvement in my hormonal imbalance issues.

To read more check out my posts How I Fixed My Hormonal Imbalance and 12 Causes of Hormonal Imbalance (so you can fix it).

9. Diet & Hormone Balance Essentials

High Power Blender

Having a high power blender, like my Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto iQ, is extremely helpful when trying to move to a healthier diet. It only takes a minute to whip up a nice, cold treat (great for finding a healthier alternative for an ice cream lover like me) like a quick protein shake or a healthy green smoothie. It is also helpful in making different types of baking mixes or a smooth soup base.


Chocolate is a favorite gift at many holiday events. And many of us love it so you can’t really go wrong with this as a gift. But maybe try to go with a little healthier option this time by giving dark chocolate (80% or higher) instead of milk chocolate. Lindt is one of my favorites, I especially like their 90% dark chocolate bar.

Or try something from Lilly’s chocolates, yummy chocolates made with less sugar than other traditional chocolates. Or switch it up from with a treat that is packed with a number of super foods like Jennie’s Organic Coconut Bites with Goji & Chia.

Did I forget to mention that all of these are “on plan” if you decide to follow Trim Healthy Mama? You just need to mind your portions and when you eat it.

Protein Powder

I tend to stock up on protein powder as gifts at Christmas and at Mother’s Day. I love having on hand to make smoothies that are filling for either a quick meal or snack on the run. Or to add to my oatmeal or other dishes when I feel I need a little more protein in the meal. For this reason I like to have a stock of flavored protein powders (that are low in sugar) and unflavored/unsweetened protein powder.

Collagen Powder

Similar to Protein Powder, I like to stock up on Collagen Powder when I share my gift lists with those who ask. As we age our bodies produce less and less collagen, so supplementation is often needed. Collagen impacts our skin, nails and hair as well as our joints.

Many people will take to help with sore or achy joints. While my join pain is minimal, I do have damage to my knees after years of playing volleyball. I notice that when I take collagen on a regular basis that I do not notice any pain.

I also find that my nails are much stronger and do not break as often, even with the toll they take from washing dishes and constantly cleaning after little ones (think about scrubbing all those smudges all over the windows, walls, chairs, etc).

Some women will take collagen to help with bald patches or hair loss, especially during postpartum.

I like to take collagen powder in hot tea or coffee to help it dissolve. It is basically taste and odorless, it makes me think a little of the powdered coffee creamers that you see around.

What I like best about taking collagen in powder form versus the pill is getting the additional protein in my diet. I will often add to my morning tea so I at least have some protein as I am rushing around getting my kids to school. Or I take my tea with collagen with me to hold me over until I can have my breakfast, usually mid-late morning.

Magnesium and/or Magnesium Oil

One of the main culprits of my hormonal imbalance was a magnesium deficiency (that I now know can impact my migraine frequency). So I am always sure to have Magnesium supplements on hand, especially for those times when I am not eating all the magnesium rich foods I should on a regular basis.

Even if you do not recognize a magnesium deficiency that causes direct impacts to your health like me, it is likely that you might be deficient to some degree. Our soil has been depleted of this mineral so we are not getting it into our food supply like we use to.

I like to take a Magnesium Citrate as it is more bioavailable (more gets absorbed into your system) than the Magnesium Oxide version. HOWEVER, Magnesium Citrate can be little rough on the stomach depending on the brand you purchase (great if you need to get things going in your system and moved out but not so great if you want to take on a regular basis). I have found that the Puritan Pride Magnesium Citrate brand works great for me, with no negative side effects.

Another fantastic product is Magnesium Oil. It is actually not an oil but water with dissolved (usually) Magnesium Chloride Brine…think super concentrated salt water. It can leave a salty film on the skin, like you just came out of the ocean, that when wet feels somewhat “greasy”. If you use too much or are not use to using it may feel a little itchy. But this product is a great way for your body to absorb magnesium through the skin instead of through the digestive track. I find that when I use this product it helps me to be a much calmer person. It can also be used on sore muscles by rubbing in to bring relief (just don’t do on recently shaved skin, that would sting)!


I have moved away from much of the sugar that used to be in my diet. However, I am a sweets lover so when I need to sweeten a smoothie or baked good I like to use stevia. I like that this zero calorie sweetener comes from an herb vs. being chemically manufactured as there can be a number of health ramifications from this.

Since I started using stevia when transitioning to the Trim Healthy Mama methodology I found that I really preferred their brand and continue to use (get it here). However, there are a number of stevia products on the market today to choose from.

Low Carb Baking Blends

For those yummy baked goods that I love so much, I have switched to using a low carb baking blend. These blends tend to have a high fiber content that provides lower “net carbs” compared to traditional flours (total carbs – fiber = net carbs). This helps to slow digestion of the carbohydrates which results in a lower impact to blood sugar levels.

At holidays, I like restocking on the low carb baking blends that I prefer using or to try a new one. Or to try different types of low carb flour, such as almond flour or coconut flour.

Final Thoughts on the Best Wellness Gift Ideas

There are many different wellness gift ideas for all the people on your shopping list or that special someone you are shopping for the perfect gift.

Hopefully, this wellness gift ideas list will help you find that perfect gift to show how much that person is appreciated and loved. Or maybe it helps you to share some ideas of the things you would be interested in, haha.

What are some of you “must have” wellness gift items that you often request?

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