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Top Wellness Blogs

Wellness blogs can be a great resource and a wealth of information for anyone looking to improve their own health. Not only can you find a lot of useful and practical information, but you’ll also find a lot of inspiration. Many wellness bloggers have unique experiences and challenges that compelled them to start on the journey to improved health, and to document it through a blog (you can read my story here).

Over the past few years I’ve read countless articles that have impacted my daily life, and helped me to create a healthier home for my family. With so many great blogs out there I decided to put together a collection. I’m sure you’re already aware of some of the blogs on this list, but hopefully you find at least a few new ones that you’ll enjoy.

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Wellness MamaWellness Mama

Katie is a mother of six and she runs the popular Wellness Mama blog and podcast. Her goal is to help other families live more naturally, and she does that by publishing recipes, natural remedies, cleaning tutorials, beauty tips, and more.


Dr. AxeDr. Axe

Dr. Josh Axe is a certified doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic, and a clinical nutritionist. His popular natural health website attracts millions of visitors each month. He publishes content related to nutrition, natural medicine, fitness, healthy recipes, home remedies and trending health news.


Heather - MommypotamusMommypotamus

Mommypotamus is the blog of Heather Dessinger. Heather blogs about many different aspects of healthy living including motherhood, beauty, many DIY projects, and healthy recipes. The Healthy Home section of the blog includes things like simple recipes for non-toxic cleaning supplies.


Stephanie Rose, Garden TherapyGarden Therapy

At Garden Therapy, Stephanie Rose blogs about gardening, plant-based beauty, DIY projects, and more. Stephanie started gardening as a way to heal from a debilitating illness and it changed her life. Now she shares her knowledge and experience through her blog. Stephanie also sells a number of products including ebooks, gardening kits, and more.


Crissy PageDear Crissy

Crissy Page is the blogger behind Dear Crissy. She is a mother of two and blogs about family and wellness, and you’ll find a huge selection of great recipes. She also has a lot of DIY posts, including natural skin care and some arts and crafts.


Bren DidBren Did

Bren publishes a lot of DIY articles, like healthy recipes, home cleaners, crafts, and various DIY projects for the home. You’ll also find a big collection of free printables if you’re on her email list.


Davida - The Healthy MavenThe Healthy Maven

Davida is the blogger behind the health and wellness blog The Healthy Maven. In addition to the blog she also has an active podcast and YouTube channel. You’ll find articles, podcast episodes, and videos about healthy living, travel, and plenty of great recipes.


Mindy BenkertSimple Pure Beauty

Mindy Benkert started her wellness journey after suffering a miscarriage, which is similar to my story. That led to an interest in natural living and eliminating harmful chemicals. At Simple Pure Beauty she writes about natural beauty and skin care, essential oils, DIY cleaning, and healthy recipes.


Erin OdomThe Humbled Homemaker

Erin Odom is The Humbled Homemaker. She blogs about healthy living, healthy recipes, motherhood, homemaking, and family finances. She’s written several books, including “More Than Just Making It”, “You Can Stay Home With Your Kids: 100 Tips, Tricks, and Ways to Make it Work on a Budget”, and others.


Kristin MarrLive Simply

At Live Simply, Kristin Marr writes about natural living and wellness. You’ll find a lot of recipes, as well as tips for meal planning and prepping. Kristin has a few ebooks and video courses available for purchase, as well as a YouTube channel with a number of videos.


ErinSuburban Simplicity

At Suburban Simplicity you’ll find Erin’s simple ideas for a happy, healthy home. She published recipes as well as DIY and home projects. She also offers an ebook called “Simplicity at Home” that helps you to organize and simplify your home and life.


StaceyBeauty and the Foodie

Beauty and the Foodie is the blog of Stacey, a licensed cosmetologist, certified colorist, and a color correction specialist. On her site you’ll find plenty of low carb and gluten-free recipes, Paleo and Primal recipes, DIY and natural beauty tips, and natural health remedies.


Living Well MomLiving Well Mom

At Living Well Mom, Erika and a few other writers cover topics related to living a healthier, happier life. You’ll find articles on wellness, natural remedies, essential oils, recipes, parenting, and more. There are also articles of support for Autism moms.


Simple Life MomSimple Life Mom

Kelly Cable is the blogger behind Simple Life Mom. Kelly writes about natural beauty products, natural cleaning, real food, essential oils, and other ways to have a healthy, natural home. Her blog has several handmade soap recipes, and she also sells ebooks on natural soapmaking and natural beauty.


Elizabeth WallingThe Nourished Life

Elizabeth Walling started The Nourished Life in 2009 to document her journey for a healthier and happier life. On her site you’ll find healthy recipes, DIY natural beauty recipes, and articles on topics like metabolism and stress (from Elizabeth and other contributors).


Don't Mess with MamaDon’t Mess with Mama

Don’t Mess with Mama is the blog of Tracey. Don’t Mess is Mama is about moms being fierce when it comes to the health of their kids and families. Tracey publishes gluten-free recipes, natural remedies, DIY tutorials for home and beauty, essential oils, and more.


Happy MotheringHappy Mothering

Chrystal Johnson is a mother of two, and the blogger behind Happy Mothering. Chrystal’s blog includes recipes as well as articles on natural beauty (some great DIY recipes), health, home and garden, essential oils, travel, and more.


Cassie - WholefullyWholefully

At Wholefully, Cassie publishes plenty of whole food recipes, as well as articles on gardening, natural living, fitness, family, and crafts. The recipes category alone has a wealth of useful information that I’m sure you’ll love.


Mindul MommaMindful Momma

Micaela is the Mindful Momma. On her blog you’ll find healthy recipes, articles on non-toxic beauty (including DIY ideas), non-toxic cleaning, and information an non-toxic products. She also offers her email subscribers access to free ebooks, guides, and checklists.


Retro Housewife Goes GreenRetro Housewife Goes Green

Lisa Sharp is the blogger behind Retro Housewife Goes Green. She covers topics related to homemaking, green living, frugal living, and the blog also includes many recipes. This blog has been around since 2008, so there’s plenty of content in the archives.


Andrea GreenNatural Green Mom

Natural Green Mom is the blog of Andrea Green, where she encourages families on their natural living journey. Her site has a large collection of recipes, as well as articles to help you have a more natural home, and articles on natural health and natural beauty. She also has e-books on easy dinners and meal planning.


Amanda HearnThe Eco Friendly Family

The Eco Friendly Family is the blog of Amanda Hearn. The blog isn’t updated extremely frequently right now, but the archives is full of great content including healthy recipes, DIY recipes for the home, and more.


Savy NaturalistaSavvy Naturalista

Shundara Castion has been blogging at Savvy Naturalista since 2012. The site includes many healthy recipes, a bunch of great natural DIY’s and crafts, as well as natural beauty reviews and tutorials.


Soft LandingThe Soft Landing

The Soft Landing is run by three sisters and their mom, which makes it a pretty unique blog! You’ll find a lot of articles about reducing toxins in your home, as well as sustainable living, real food, natural remedies, and parenting. Their safer product guides help you to find non-toxic products for your home.


Recipes for Essential OilsRecipes with Essential Oils

Recipes with Essential Oils is the blog of Beth and Jenn. At their site you’ll find informative articles about essential oils, and as you would expect from the name, recipes for using essential oils in your daily life. The also have a shop with an ebook and make & take party packs.


KreshaNourishing Joy

Nourishing Joy is the blog of Kresha Faber. Here you’ll find articles on topics like real food meal planning, non-toxic cleaning recipes, natural remedies, sustainable living, parenting, and more. She also sells several ebooks, as well as meal plans.


CariEverything Pretty

Everything Pretty is a beauty, health and wellness blog by Cari. She publishes DIY beauty recipes, skin care products, and beauty tips as well as information about autism and sustainable living. There are also a lot of useful articles about different ways to use essential oils.

Mothering Magazine started in 1976, and today is dedicated to parents interested in exploring natural and eco-conscious living. The site covers a variety of topics of importance to women and mothers.


Brown Thumb MamaBrown Thumb Mama

Pam is the Brown Thumb Mama. She started the site in 2009 to help moms be healthy and live more naturally. At her blog she publishes from-scratch recipes, tips to improve your vegetable garden, and tips for a natural and healthy family.


One Essential CommunityOne Essential Community

At One Essential Community, Sarah publishes articles related to essential oils and wellness. You’ll find a lot of DIY items using essential oils, from household cleaners, to beauty products, to roller bottle blends, and more.


Ester PerezNurture My Gut

Nurture My Gut, by Ester Perez, is “a mom’s blueprint for a thriving gluten-free life.” You’ll find a huge collection of recipes, as well as articles on kids’ health, gut health, and remedies. Recipes make up the majority of the content, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty that you like.


Live Love ZenLive Love Zen

Live Love Zen focuses on natural health. Most of their content is related to essential oils. They have detailed guides to many different essential oils with possible uses for each.


Dani AndrewsAncestral Nutrition

Ancestral Nutrition is the blog of Danielle (Dani) Andrews. She’s a certified nutritional consultant who promotes eating real, whole, unprocessed foods. You’ll find a lot of great recipes, as well as articles on beauty, essential oils, and natural remedies.


BrittanyThe Pistachio Project

The Pistachio Project is Brittany’s blog about living green and being crunchy. It got its name because pistachios are green and crunchy. She writes about natural living, including eating, cleaning, gardening, and homesteading. She also writes about natural health and beauty and natural parenting. You’ll also find many recipes on the site.


Learning and YearningLearning and Yearning

At Learning and Yearning, Susan Vinskofski blogs about homesteading, organic gardening, home medicine, natural skin care, soapmaking, and more. If you’re interested in using fewer commericial products and more natural and DIY alternatives, you’ll enjoy this site. And like me, Susan lives in Pennsylvania!


The Organic Goat LadyThe Organic Goat Lady

Meghan is the Organic Goat Lady. She is a Certified Holistic Aromatherapist and Certified Health Coach. She blogs about essential oils, healthy foods, healthy living, and goat care.


TashHolistic Health Herbalist

Holistic Health Herbalist is the blog of Tash, where she writes about health, herbalism, beauty, and essential oils. You’ll find a lot of practical DIY recipes and home remedies that you can put to good use.


A Blossoming LifeA Blossoming Life

A Blossoming Life is the blog of Amy and Libby, Their blog topics include natural living, DIY natural products, and frugal living. The DIY area includes a lot of beauty products like scrubs and creams.


The Nourished FamilyThe Nourished Family

The Nourished Family is the blog of Rashele, a wife and mother of two. The blog was inspired by her passion for creating delicious, nutrient dense food for her family. The blog is full of gluten-free recipes, and most are also dairy-free, grain-free and/or Paleo.


MayaFiltered Family

Filtered Family is the blog of Maya, a wellness advocate and health coach. Her blog posts cover a variety of different ways to detox your life, including food, beauty and body, home and cleaning, and more. She also offers a few different courses.


Elaina NewtonThe Rising Spoon

At The Rising Spoon, Elaina Newton posts healthy recipes, articles on natural living, and DIY crafts for your body and home. The recipes use real food with less processed ingredients.


Intoxicated on LifeIntoxicated on Life

Intoxicated on Life is the blog of Luke and Trisha, where they write about honoring God in all area’s of your family’s life. You’ll find blog content on healthy foods, intentional parenting, homeschooling, essential oils, and other health topics.


Rebooted MomRebooted Mom

Rebooted Mom is the blog of Sheryl, a mother of five. The blog was started from her journey to live and think differently about the food her family eats and how they keep their bodies healthy. She publishes healthy recipes, and articles about essential oils, health & wellness, gardening, and more.


Marie RaymaHumblebee & Me

Marie Rayma is the blogger behind Humblebee & Me. This is a great site for natural body product recipes, including soap, shampoo, makeup, and skin care. Marie also offers a book on on DIY makeup and skin care, and you can buy some of her own products on the site as well.


These Lovely AcresThese Lovely Acres

These Lovely Acres is the blog of sisters Hannah and Becca, and it covers topics related to living a simple, healthy, and happy lifestyle. You’ll find healthy recipes, articles on gardening, and articles on family-focused topics.


Carissa BonhamCreative Green Living

Creative Green Living is the blog of Carissa Bonham. She publishes easy and delicious recipes, as well as articles on crafts, DIY projects, gardening tips, and more. A small team of bloggers also contribute to the site in addition to Carissa.


Beth, The Upcycled FamilyThe Upcycled Family

At The Upcycled Family Beth blogs about natural health, homesteading, homeschooling, and family life. In the health category you’ll find articles on healthy eating, natural remedies, natural beauty, and fitness.


Simply ReeniSimply Reeni

Reeni is a Certified Essential Oils Coach, natural living educator, nutritional therapist, and a holistic mom of a toddler. Most of the content on the blog involves essential oils and practical ways to use them.


Rachel KalySweet Simple Living

Sweet Simple Living is the blog of Rachel Kaly. Rachel writes about natural living, health, motherhood, arts and crafts, and frugality. She also has a lot of great recipes on the site. New posts aren’t published extremely frequently, but there is a lot of good content in the archives.


Painted TeacupPainted Teacup

At Painted Teacup, Chantal writes about topics like essential oils, chronic illness, and mental health. Chantal has dealt with a chronic illness (Fibromyalgia) and depression, and essential oils have become a part of her daily routine.


RinaSweet Nature’s Beauty

At Sweet Nature’s Beauty, Rina publishes some great DIY recipes and instructions for a variety of different natural beauty, skin care, and home products, many of them including essential oils. You’ll find recipes for things like scrubs, body butter, body wash, soap, and much more.


Hello NatureHello Nature

At Hello Nature, Ashley blogs about homesteading, gardening, frugal living, travel, and more. You’ll also find a large collection of amazing recipes. She’s a nature-loving mom who also runs a business with her husband.


Cassandra - Uncommonly Well Uncommonly Well

At Uncommonly Well, Cassandra blogs about caring for your body, mind, and soul. This includes topics like natural living tips, real food recipes, as well as travel tips. The recipes include breakfast, snacks, entrees, desserts, and drinks.


EmilyNaturally Free Life

At Naturally Free Life, Emily writes about a wide variety of topics related to natural living, including health, beauty, nutrition, cleaning, and parenting. She’s passionate about healthy living and minimalism, and has a background in medical laboratory science.


Amber MelvinInspired My Love

Inspired My Love is the blog of Amber Melvin. Amber blogs about wellness, DIY beauty, clean eating, and living a healthy lifestyle. She’s struggled with Lupus and found clean organic food and reducing toxins to significantly improve her health.


Yolanda RidleyPut the Kettle On

Put the Kettle On is the blog of Yolanda Ridley. Her blog includes recipes, health and wellness articles (including topics related to infertility), and life as a stepmom. You’ll also find some blogging tips and ideas.



ElizabethMae is the blog of Courtney Elizabeth Gran. The focus is on living creatively, happily, and well. In addition to articles on wellness, you’ll find articles on beauty and style and some inspiring interviews.


AshleyNourishing Goodness

At Nourishing Goodness, Ashley provides practical tips and inspiration for sustainable homesteading, homeschooling, whole foods, and natural remedies. Her family’s current lifestyle was the result of a struggle with severe eczema for her kids. On her blog she shares what she’s learned along the way.


Katie SmithCreativity in the Clouds

At Creativity in the Clouds, Katie Smith blogs about natural living, essential oils, faith, family, and balancing life.


Cushy SpaCushy Spa

At Cushy Spa, Karolina blogs about aromatherapy and essential oils, as well as natural skin care, massage, and more. The site is fairly new, but I think you’ll like the content that is there already, as well as future posts.


Body UnburdenedBody Unburdened

Body Unburdened is the blog of Nadia Neumann. Her blog consists of three main categories: real food, natural beauty, and healthy home. She’s also written a book, Glow: The Nutritional Approach to Naturally Gorgeous Skin.


Stacy - A Delightful HomeA Delightful Home

At A Delightful Home, Stacy Karen blogs about living mindfully, treasuring the moments with your children, and finding joy and satisfaction in the day to day. Blog categories include recipes, healthy living, natural beauty, herbal remedies, and more.


Gluten BeeGluten Bee

Gluten Bee is run by Michael Moloney and Adam McIntyre. Both suffer from gluten-related illness, and their blog exists to help others with gluten sensitivity, Coeliac disease, and other gluten issues. You’ll find information on specific foods, recipes, and more.


Total Wellness ChoicesTotal Wellness Choices

Total Wellness Choices is the blog of Carol, a natural health and wellness enthusiast. She writes about essential oils, natural remedies, supplements, and natural healing foods. Her interest in wellness started out of a desire to find natural alternatives to drugs.



HealthyGreenSavvy is the blog of Susannah Shmurak. She writes about health, gardening, non-toxic living, and healthy food, focusing on “shortcuts to better health and greener living.” The purpose is to help you live a healthier life without too much extra effort.


Cold Texan WellnessCold Texan Wellness

At Cold Texan Wellness, Ashley blogs about nutrition, fitness, essential oils, and other aspects of wellness. She also has a nice collection of recipes on the site, including gluten free and vegan and vegetarian.


Sera ElizabethSera Elisabeth

Sera Elisabeth blogs about hormone balance, intuitive eating, chemical-free living, and essential oils. Her blog features a beautiful design and layout.


Wed to WellnessWed to Wellness

Wed to Wellness is the blog of David and McKenna. The blog features a wide variety of articles on topics related to wellness. You’ll find articles on healthy eating, weight loss, natural living, and essential oils.


Kyndra HolleyHealthy Living in Body and Mind

Healthy Living in Body and Mind is the blog of Kyndra Holley. Her site includes a lot of healthy recipes (gluten-free, low card, Paleo, Primal), and articles on gardening, homesteading, natural remedies, healthy living, beauty, essential oils, and more.


Herb It UpHerb It Up

Herb It Up is the blog of Brigett Holmes. Her blog features healthy recipes, as well as articles on gardening, herbs, and essential oils. The recipes include grain and gluten free, instant pot, and fermented and cultured.


Natural SideThe Natural Side

The Natural Side includes posts on healthy eating, natural remedies, exercise, and other aspects of wellness. There are also some DIY posts that you may really enjoy.


This Natural HomeThis Natural Home

This Natural Home publishes articles on essential oils, and health & wellness, as well as many DIY recipes and tutorials. There are a lot of useful lists and roundups.


Urban NaturaleUrban Naturale

Urban Naturale is the blog of Deborah Davis. The blog is all about shaping your path to living healthy, green, and natural. If you’re looking to live a more natural, eco-friendly life, you will appreciate Urban Naturale. In addition to wellness, Deborah also blogs about doing good and travel.


Organic Palace QueenOrganic Palace Queen

At Organic Palace Queen, Patricia blogs about a toxic-free lifestyle that involves organic food and essential oils. She also writes about natural remedies, including what’s worked for her family and her children.


Natural MavensNatural Mavens

Natural Mavens is the blog of Kristy Sandler. She is a mother to 3 kids and always looking to use natural products instead of chemicals. She publishes content related to essential oils, health, natural remedies, beauty, and more.

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