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Best Price Contacts: The Cheapest Place to Buy Contact Lenses

Need new contacts? Want to save some money?

Yep, me too! I was so excited to find a way to save and earn money on my annual contact purchase this year that I want to share it with everyone.

I am always looking for the best price on contacts. I figure I have to buy it anyway so the less I can spend the better. Leaves more in the budget to use towards all those wellness items I want to try. ūüôā

Usually, I am looking for the cheapest place to buy contact lenses online and this time I hit the jackpot with being able to save money and earn cash back.

Why I Started My Search For The Best Price on Contacts

This all started because of the company that took over my current eye care provider. When I went in for my annual eye exam a few years ago I had looked up the cost for my Acuvue contacts from 1-800-Contacts and figured if they could somehow sell it for the same or less I would go with them. Otherwise, I would just get my prescription and order the contacts online. 

Well, they asked where I usually got my contacts and what price they had to match or beat and they were able to do just a little better than the 1-800-Contacts price. I went with them for the contact order that year.

Knowing this, I did more research this year to find the best price on contacts online I could to see if they would match it. They got it in the ballpark but they could not beat my new found contact saving system!

How To Stack the Savings and Earnings on Your Online Contact Order

  1. Use your account. At the time of my purchase, had cash back of 15% for The percentage can vary so be sure to check what it is when you are placing your order.
  2. Go to to order your contacts. Chances are they will have the best contact prices you have ever seen on your contact brand, even compared to sites like 1-800-Contacts.
    • Additionally, there is usually an incentive for first time customers. When I placed my order it was 20% off, which when buying a year’s worth at one time is a pretty good chunk of savings.
  3. Use a rewards credit card for the purchase is another easy way to get more cash back on the purchase. If you do not currently use a credit card with a rewards program, consider signing up for one. It is easy to earn points on your regular purchases that can be redeemed for cash, gift cards or travel expenses. Just be sure to pay off the monthly balance so you are not wasting money on credit card fees.
    • I shared about the $150 sign up bonus I got on a Chase Freedom Unlimited Card at this post: How I Got All Of This For Free!!!
    • If you already have a Chase Freedom Card or want to check out the best current credit card offers check out this list at¬†Credit Land¬†where they sometimes have credit card bonus of up to $500! (If signing up for one of these credit cards for the incentive bonus you could probably get your contacts for free, depending on what you wear and the cost.)

The Breakdown On What I Saved and Earned


1 year supply Acuvue Oasis with Hydraclear Plus 2 week disposable contacts cost = $180

New customer Savings (20% off) – $36

Shipping (Free for orders over $99) – $0

Total Spent on Contact Order = $144

Earnings New Customer  $10 Cashback (15%) + $21.60

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card reward points earned (1.5 per dollar spent) 216 points + $2.16

Total Earned on the Contact Order = $33.76

After¬†deducting the earnings on the purchase for my annual contact lenses online order, I spent a total of (drum roll please)…$110.24! This was shocking and thrilling to me because I was expecting to pay $292 at 1-800-Contacts.

This means I ended up saving $181.76 of the money I had budgeted for contacts this year!!!! Ahhh, that feels good. I LOVE saving money!

A Few Things to Know About has free shipping for online contact orders that are over $99. They accept both Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA), which is great if you have one.

They do not bill insurance companies directly, however they do provide an itemized receipt that you can submit to your insurance company. If you have vision insurance, give them a call to find out their process (I have not had in a number of years, which is why I am so driven to find as much savings in this area as I can).

Final Thoughts on How to Get the Best Price on Contacts

I really scored big this time with the $10 sign up bonus to¬†¬†and the new customer discount at¬† And I know I won’t be able to quality for those new sign up/customer promos every year but I am still glad to have found the cheapest place to buy contact lenses online for my future contact orders.

It is good to know that there are other incentives from, such as 10% subscription savings, random emails to save 10% or even a flat $20 off future orders. This is on top of their already great prices.

These additional promotional savings will help to keep the contact lenses order as low as you can get it. Plus, I can always earn my cash back from and my credit card.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Give it a try and let me know how it goes and how much you saved! 

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