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Are You Missing Out On Easy Money From Ebates?

I LOVE free money! You know, when you can get money from doing nothing (or not much) different than what you are already doing. And I am on a mission to try to find it wherever I can so I can use towards some of my health and wellness wish list items.

Now I know that I am a little behind on things and Ebates is one of them. Oh, I remember the commercials about how you can earn cash back on the online purchases that you make.  But somehow it just seemed like too much work to go to the Ebates website to look for the shopping site I was interested in and if it happened to be there click through so they could track my purchase. And at that time I made few purchases online, so it just didn’t seem worth it.

But now, I do most of my shopping online so I thought it might be time to give it a try and see what this Ebates thing is all about. And would you believe it is actually way easier than how it was set up in the beginning? Now you don’t even have to go to before shopping online, you just go to the website you are planning to shop at and if there is cash back a small little box pops up on the upper right side of the screen to tell you the percentage cash back you can earn on your purchase. If you want to activate the Ebates cash back you just click the button and the pop up box goes away. You continue to shop on the site and when you place your order the information is automatically sent to Ebates and a day or two later you can see the amount earned in your Ebates account. Easy peasy, as my daughter would say.

Or if you search for the website on Google, Bing or Yahoo there is a little note in the search results that tells you the cash back percentage through Ebates for that site.

Just one little notification and a click and you can be earning cash back on the purchase you were already planning to make. I love the simplicity of it. Oh, and not only that Ebates will also apply any coupons that they know of when you are checking out to help you get the best deal on the purchase without you needing to do anything.

My First Check From One Purchase

How has it been working for me? Well, on one purchase that I needed to make for my annual disposable contact supply I made a quick and easy $31.60. Yep, just one purchase I was going to make anyway and a little pop up box that asked if I wanted to activate 15% cash back from Ebates + my new customer $10 promotion that they were offering when hitting $25 spent from at of their partner stores.

Shortly after I made my purchase I received my contacts. And then, I received my Ebates check in the mail. YAY!

I am hooked! Now it might take a little longer to earn the next check, especially if it is with smaller purchases. But it is totally worth it when it is not difficult or time consuming to do.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Things To Know About Ebates Cash Back

Cash Back Percentages Change

The cash back percentages are always changing. It depends on the deals that Ebates makes with the online retailers at that time. So one time I can go to and there is no cash back option for Ebates and other times I can go and it is up to 2% or 5% ect.

This can be annoying when I have a purchase to make and want to earn cash back (because now I am totally in getting free money mode!). I can either wait until cash back comes back around for that site or shop somewhere else that has cash back or just make the purchase without earning cash back.

Cash Back Percentages Can Vary Based on Category

Larger Retailers who sell items in various categories can specify the cash back based on category. For example, if I go to or and the little box pops up saying that I can earn up to 5% cash back, that does not mean I will get a flat 5% for everything I buy. Maybe the spatula in the Kitchen category will only earn 2% cash back, but the shirt in the Apparel category will get me 5% cash back.

I look at it this way, if I am going to make the purchase regardless, than I might as well get some cash back if I can. I don’t usually go too crazy on trying to work the system to earn cash back this way.

I just made a purchase at and activated up to 10% cash back, but I have no idea what the percentage was in each of the categories I purchased my items from (this is listed at Ebates, I just do not take the time to look it up). I will check my Ebates account when my cash back hits (Ebates will send you an email) to see what I ended up making from that purchase. Turns out I got $0.54 in cash back on a $38.74 purchase, which is just over 1%. Add that to my 1.5% cash back on my credit card with another $0.58 for a total of $1.12 earned in cash back. Nothing too crazy, but it will add up over time.

Shopping Around At Different Sites With Ebates Cash Back on Large Purchases

When making larger purchases it might be worthwhile to shop around a little while considering what you can earn at Ebates.

Recently, I have been going back and forth on buying a smartwatch and decided to go with the Fitbit Versa (that I am eagerly awaiting for delivery). I considered purchasing through both Amazon and the Fitbit website. Both had it listed for the same price and free shipping. Amazon had smartwatches excluded from Ebates cash back and Fitbit was offering 4% cash back (which I knew because of the pop up box when I went to the Fitbit website, I didn’t even think to check Ebates website). So I purchased the watch from Fitbit’s website. I am missing the 2 day Prime shipping but making $8 from the cash back from Fitbit was worth it to me.

Ebates Checks

Ebates checks come out on a quarterly basis. You need to earn at least $5 for a check to be issued and sent to your house (or you can choose to get it via PayPal). If you don’t meet the $5 minimum then the cash back will roll over to the next quarter.

If You Want To Put A Little Effort In To Earning More Cash Back

In-Store Shopping

There are some stores that you can shop in-store and get Ebates cash back. You just need to enter your credit card on your Ebates account and link the offer from the participating store. This can even be activated from your phone while you are shopping in the store.

There are not as many in-store options as what is available for cash back when shopping online. Although, I would imagine this would be an area that will grow over the years. And would be an extra step to earn cash back on these purchases.

Picture of Ebates Site


Don’t be like me and be too lazy to sign up for Ebates and miss out on easy money. Honestly, it is so easy to use and is money that you would not get otherwise. I am sitting here kicking myself in the behind for not doing this sooner as I think over the last few years of online shopping, especially at different holidays.

When making purchases and using both Ebates for cash back and a credit card that has cash back, then you are able to easily stack up the potential money earnings. And all of these earnings are on purchases that you are already making.

With Ebates $10 new customer promotion, even if you only try it and make 1 purchase or multiple purchases that add up to $25, you can make an easy and quick $10 plus whatever cash back from the purchase/s. Maybe you will even make more than me with your first purchase!

So, what are you waiting for, sign up at Ebates now to start earning cash back for easy money!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Let me know what you are going to do with the money you get from Ebates. If you already use Ebates, what do you like about it or tips do you have for using it?

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