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CrystalHi, I’m Crystal! I am always looking for a better way to do things, improve a process and the same is true when it comes to my overall wellness. I am always glad to share what I learn along the way for my family and friends as I want everyone I know to experience fulfilled wellness and be able to live their lives to the absolute fullest!

Throughout my life I would have always considered myself a “healthy person”. I eat fairly well (though I always thought I could make better choices, difficult for a sweets lover like me), exercised, slept well and didn’t get sick too often or have any major health concerns.



As I continued in this journey of life, I have realized what a huge blessing it is to have good health and wellness and have started to make a shift to be purposeful in maintaining wellness. Part of my push in this direction is the path of motherhood. Unfortunately my first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage and all the devastation that comes along with it. My two subsequent pregnancies were carried to term and I have two amazing kiddos that I am privileged to be their mom. Although, each of those pregnancies carried concerns of miscarriage with spotting and even bleeding during my son’s pregnancy (and in one routine checkup when a heartbeat could not be detected by the technician AND the doctor, only to find out in an ultrasound that my son was hiding way down low and doing just fine, he is still a little stinker today who loves to hide)!

I remember during the pregnancy of my daughter worrying about what I was exposing her to as her body developed inside me, everything from what I was eating to breathing in when pumping gas (especially as the loss of my first baby months earlier was still fresh in my mind and heart). As I prepared for the birth of my daughter I found it difficult to decide all the items we would need to care for this precious child and struggling with what types of products to use on her. All I could think of was this perfect little baby with delicate skin and new body systems and what kind of “crap” am I exposing her to in the lotions, shampoos, creams, home environment from cleaning products, my lotion, my perfume and on and on the mental list went. Then came time to feed her, and it took a whole new turn.

Miscarriage and Motherhood

Overall it was overwhelming to consider what I had been doing and using over the years and how it could negatively impact the wellness of my baby, as well as my personal wellness. As a mother I believe I have a responsibility to not only take care of and protect my children but myself as well, so I can be around for the long haul to be there for my children as they navigate the various stages life.


More recently I have experienced a hormonal imbalance that I unfortunately received very little relief from following the guidance from my gynecologist. Basically the solution was going on a double dose of progesterone for a month, which did not resolve the physical issues as expected (the doctor almost didn’t believe me when I said that during the entire month on the progesterone I only had a slight improvement). I spent a significant amount of time researching natural ways to increase progesterone using supplements, as I seemed to have low progesterone, which resulted in estrogen dominance. I spent a few months using these supplements and had a very noticeable improvement to my physical issues, however not fully resolved. I figured if I would need to return to the gynecologist about this issue I would need to do her last recommendation before she released me from her care (basically do this, it will fix it, if not call for an appointment). Her advice was to take a traditional estrogen/progesterone birth control for 1-3 months (she left the decision to me to decide how long I wanted to use the synthetic hormones) which would “reset” my hormones so when I come off the medication my body would hopefully be back to normal. Unfortunately going on the birth control further aggravated the issues, so I stopped after one month.


Before making the appointment with my gynecologist to share how things had still not resolved and become worse when doing the recommended treatment, I decided to do more research online (however dangerous that can be sometimes). As I continued to learn more about the female human body and some of the issues that can occur within the hormonal system, or endocrine system, I’ve been amazed at how many of us are dealing with minor to major issues due to the vast number of endocrine disruptors we are exposed to on a daily basis. We introduce these disruptors into our bodies from the environment we live in (within the home and outside), the beauty products we use, cleaning products, food we eat, and many other ways. This further motivated me to look at the areas in life I have control over; what I put on, in and near my body; and make changes to have fulfilled wellness over the years.


I am happy to say that after some focus on improving my gut healthy, doing a short detox diet to flush the excess estrogen from my body and making some changes to my weekly diet to include more of the hormone building healthy omega-3 fats and magnesium-rich foods while maintaining my supplement regime I have been healed of my main physical issue. I am continuing to focus on listening to my body, on my overall diet, and tweaking as I feel necessary. After dealing with these issues for months, I have been completely amazed at the almost immediate transformation of my health in this area by working to understand the root cause, in my case there seemed to be a magnesium deficiency that I was exasperating and causing a downward spiral with my hormone imbalance.

It is also a little scary to think about what if the hormone replacements had “worked”. Would it have just masked an underlying issue that could have caused major problems to my body? If my magnesium deficiency went to the extreme, would I have had a heart attack and die because there wasn’t enough magnesium to relax my heart after it had a contraction to beat? (1) What about letting estrogen dominance occur over the years? Would I have found out I had an estrogen-related cancer like breast, endometrial, or uterine cancer? (2) (3)


These experiences and some others personally and to family members have really deepened my appreciation for wellness. I am incredibly thankful for the wellness that I have and the ability and energy I have to work, maintain my home and care for my family, because I know that is not a luxury that everyone has. I want to protect, grow and encourage this state of well being in all areas of my life and body, as well as walk along others who are on this same path in their life.



I remember, many years ago, sitting in an economics class in college where the professor was stating that every dollar we spend is like a vote on a particular product or service. We all as consumers vote with our dollars every day to tell companies what to make or what service to provide for us to consume. I remember thinking that was an interesting concept and then thinking of the junk I was “voting” on at the time. But recently I have been thinking about it more and more regarding the everyday things I purchase and how can I vote more for companies to focus on making products that are good for my body and environment, not harmful. When something breaks or I need more x…is there a better alternative and does that justify the cost to me and my family’s budget? I totally understand that often times these choices can be more costly, especially upfront, and there has to be some consideration and sometimes compromise to be fiscally responsible. But changes here and there over time can make a huge impact to your overall wellness. So my question is, what have you been voting on recently? And are there some changes you think you should be making?


This site is for anyone who is looking to improve their wellness and their family’s wellness one step at a time. Maybe there are things here you are already doing or maybe it is the first time you are considering making some of these changes. This is the site I wish I had 3, 5 or even 10 years ago in my journey to maintain and increase wellness. There are many things I wish I had known at the beginning of changes I was making in a certain area so I wanted to document the information and help others get the jump start I never had.

Feel free to send a note and let me know how Fulfilled Wellness is helping you to fulfill your wellness goals or share changes you have made that I might not have considered. I wish you all the best as you improve your life, may your wellness be fulfilled!



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